What is a proxy server?

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What is a proxy server? Empty What is a proxy server?

Post by Admin on 10th June 2011, 11:36 pm

A proxy server, also known as a "proxy" or "application level gateway", is responsible for performing the activities that takes place between the web browser on the internet and the applications that needs to be run by the clients. This server can sometimes restrict the users from looking for the information about particular things. Mainly the server is responsible for seeing whether all the request that had been generated can be easily fulfilled and accepted or not. For this the person had to connect to the internet in able to see that the exact phase of the server is being implemented.

Different types of proxy server exist and each proxy server is responsible for performing different functions. The proxy server can be public in nature where the public can easily connect to the internet and if it had been classified as private in nature then the proxy servers allows certain people to enter. The proxy server is responsible for the purpose of improving and enhancing the performance of the servers. The performance of the servers had been enhanced in such a way that the proxy server allows the group of people to interact with each other. The server not only increases the performance but also the request which had been generated on their own or is of no usage then they can be easily filtered out.

The requests can be filtered in such a way that certain restrictions had been imposed on different websites which makes it difficult for people to enter into site and hence they won’t be able to open that site and view the data that is contained in it. The performance of the server is increased in such a way that each time the request is sent to the use, all the information that had been sent are saved and the record is even also maintained for each and everything that had been carried out till then.

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