Advanced Zip Repairer 1.2

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Advanced Zip Repairer 1.2 Empty Advanced Zip Repairer 1.2

Post by Admin on 6th June 2009, 2:25 pm

Advanced Zip Repairer 1.2 Repairer

If you have ever tried to open a ZIP file that you needed, only to find out that the file had become corrupted, then you might want to try out Advanced Zip Repairer. This program was created for the task of repairing corrupted ZIP files and self-extracting file archives. When you run the program, it recovers as much data as possible from a corrupted ZIP file or self-extracting file and then fixes that file. This program might not be able to fully recover a corrupted file archive, but any little bit that it can fix is sure to help.

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