Google Image Search Finds Optimized Resolution Wallpapers

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Google Image Search Finds Optimized Resolution Wallpapers Empty Google Image Search Finds Optimized Resolution Wallpapers

Post by Admin on 6th June 2009, 1:28 pm

When it comes to searching for images, the place to go is Google Image Search – the image dedicated search engine will help you out by throwing suggestions your way thanks to the autosuggest feature, will help you filter out images according to their color, and you can even locate images resembling one another thanks to Similar Images. Amongst the functionality fitted to Google Image Search there is one that we were not aware until now: the option to find wallpapers optimized for your screen resolution.

The simple truth of the matter is that the desktop is the one part of the OS (operating system) that you are constantly in contact with; you will not open the Control Panel window each and every day, but you will see the desktop on a day-to-day basis. Most of us want to customize the way the desktop looks and as such get cool looking wallpapers and even use software to switch them around (details here). Although I will admit that with the upcoming Windows 7 you will no longer need to use specialized software in order to automatically switch the desktop wallpaper, you will still need a simple and effective way of locating wallpapers.

And this is where Google Image Search comes in. With a few clicks you can seamlessly find wallpapers that will snugly fit on your desktop. The steps you have to follow are:
1. Go to Google Image Search and click “Advanced Image Search”.
2. Enter the search term of your choice (let’s say “cars”)
3. Click “photo content” and then “use my desktop size” so that the image search will automatically take into consideration your current desktop settings when searching for images. No longer will you have to be frustrated by images that look good but are too small to fit on your screen.
4. Click “Google search”
5. Once you are presented with the search results page you can further filter the results according to color!

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